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About Us


Dedicated to promote child development within communities.

Girl Child for Sustainable future Foundation is registered Non governmental organization under section 13 of Non Governmental Organization of (Act. 2009)
With registeration number RNGO101/1969/2022

The foundation recognizes the importance of addressing environmental issues and their impact on the well-being of children and future generations. They actively work towards creating awareness and implementing initiatives that foster sustainable development practices.

Our Mission

To combat all forms of Discrimination again human and Environmental through comprehensive approach for enhencement through poverty reduction which increase quality life for all.

Our Vision

To enhence the quality of life by carrying responsibilities of saving youths and Environmental for Sustainable Future

Our Goals

Our Goal is to improve the quality of life of people living in rural areas and create Healthy, and Sustainable Environment for them to reach their full potential

Our Team

Mr. Muyanda Z Chilufya

Board chairman

Mathews Mulenga

Chief Executive Officer And Founder 

Mrs. Lilian Mwape

Education & Advocacy Director

Constance Nyirongo,

Executive/ Secretary Director of Communication


Mpepo C Along Kasama Mpika Road, Kanchibiya District, Zambia



Open Hours:

Mon-Fri: 08:00am - 16:00pm


Award 300 girls to complete their JSS with life Skills to sustain their lives

Key milestones

Create Zero community’s formerly child Marriages and early pregnancies and build confidence in our girls with improved access to SRHR Build community with climate resilience projects skills, empower Cooperatives/youth groups Women groups with Entrepreneurial Skills. bring cases of early pregnancies from 56% to 0% and create a productive communities.

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